We Need Nature

Nature Is Not Our Partner

The belief that nature and humans are partners continues the myth that 'nature' needs us, when actually we need 'nature'.

'Nature' will continue with or without humans.

If we want to continue as a part of 'nature' with the biodiversity that facilitates our position within the intricate web of life, we need to change our behaviours.

So, it's not a partnership, it's a surrender to the 'rules of the game'. (And as in many games, anyone that continues to break the rules is eventually sent off.)

Anyone that has worked in a garden (or I imagine on a farm) for a few years will understand, without having to have a degree, Phd or write a book, the importance of 'nature', the environment, and its effect on personal wellbeing as well as how sensitive and intricate the natural systems are to change.

A gardener intimately knows about the importance of good soil, insects, the impact of weather, season, the benefits of healthy soil. You watch plants die, grow, change, flower.

A gardener will see/feel the interaction/relationship between plants, soil, birds, bees, wind, gardener, time and space.

Gardening practice embodies this knowledge, we are reborn as a part of the garden system, we surrender to the 'rules' of the garden, rather than play at master of it or a partner to it.